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Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006, 12:07 am


Well things have been 'interesting'

I had the best Halloween ever this. Doug's Halloween party was ace, as well as the halloween night dance party.

Second Fuck Off! show on the 3rd was ace.

My birthday party on the 4th was sweet, Blinky was the sober babysitter & party assistant. Smoke machine, red x-mass lights, folks in halloween costumes, people dancing to the stooges, ramones, turbonegro, michael jackson & the ronettes, etc. Lots of folks.

Sucked when the cops showed up and started threatening to tazer everyone, but I managed to get the situation under control before anyone got rodney king'd. Part of the price for having an hectic dance party with a bunch of punk rockers in a small aprtment in the westside I guess. Still, fuck those pigs.

Ended up going to shine after karaokee one drunken night and had an amazingly good time. Due to the booze and folks involved, but still, I will have to return with the posse again.

I ended up hooking up with an old friend of mine, was a sweet night but she had misgiving the next morning. Whoops! Hopefully things won't be weird between us. Lesson learned..when friends of yours drunkenly flirt with you it may not be a good idea to follow through. Even though I'd rather have one night stands with people I know and actually, you know, like instead of relative strangers.

A good childhood friend of mine just died from cancer. My sister was going to get the information to get ahold of hime when he was dying so I could talk to him a shit, but she ened up taking forever and so he died without me being able to say goodbye and shit. Fucking sucks, it it wrong of me to be mad at my stupid sister? I don;t handle death well at all...I can't bring myself to talk about it with anyone, can talk to his parents either. Haven;t even told his friend I'm in touch with. Cowardly of me.

Drummer quit FUCK OFF! so now I am again band-less. Getting a bass and gear and fucking off on depending on others to do music, If I have to do a one man band I will. My new goal is to be in six different bands so I always have an excuse to never work late, weekends, etc. and so that when someone fucks off on one band, I'll have several backups. Any hey, maybe I'll have an easier time finding drummers to jam with playing pop punk, noisy garage rock, psyched out hippie/indie jams, or something else.

The crew is back in town, so back at playing D&D. DMing my new giant megadungeon, all oldschool greyhawk style. Loving it.

The lady I was hanging out with before she left the country at beginning of nov will be back december. Mixed feelings, I'm stoked as hell that she'll be back, but I dunno what our status will be, anticipating disappointment in actuality. Had a funny episode hanging out with menelle drinking beers where drunk menelle started giving me a hard time for being involved with a religious person. Despite my multiple inverted crucifix tattos, non-issue on my end. Getting agitated about whatever silly stuff someone belives is like giving someone heck over their musical tastes...why bother?

Loving the new apartment & hood. Loving the new roomate, lots of meatloaf jams.

Despite the death, the band problems, the weather, the romantic uncertaincy, things are pretty damn rad. Gonna go tobaganning tonight, good times.

Mon, Oct. 30th, 2006, 03:40 am
Bougie Lifestyle

So I moved from the horrible isolation of the metrotown region to the happening neighborhood of west braodway, between cambie and granville.

I like it here, there's a great market just a couple minutes away, folks seem to be friendlier in this 'hood (even when I'm all scruffy in shabby denim....some yuppies!), buses run all the time on braodway (although the b-line is a cattle car...ugh). Plenty of places to buy good dog food.

Haven't found any slice joints around yet, I guess I'll just get my fix at Fatih's still.

I'm stoked to find out how long it take to bike to main/broadway, commercial/broadway, downtown.

So glad to be here, my rent's cheaper and I'll be able to hang out with folks way more often. My roomate loves my dog, the cat is slowly getting used to her, my bedroom is huge, my roomate is cool even if she hasn't cleaned her stuff out of my room yet.

Last night was great, halloween party at doug's...it was massive...tons of folks were there, pretty much 90% of the folks i hang with...even though it was a 'scenster party"...a bunch of the punk/crust folks I know showed up, the mass grave cats, some chuck norris dudes, and a lot of the fun, cool bulletbelt people. The dance room was packed, good tunes, the floor was boucing with all the dancing. It was a really cool scene, all sorts of different folks hanging out, none of the "cliquey" bullshit I hate. Got to hang out with Ashley...I love partying with her, fun city.

My costume was "quebecquois crust gutter punk"....ratty blck jeans, bulletbelt, old bad brains shirt, my old punk vest over my scruffy denim jacket, fake blood on my face and knuckles, plastic bugs in my hair and beard (blood and bugs courtesy of dani), ballpoint pen tattoos of a spider on the corner of my eye, spideweb on my neck, PCP across my forehead, exploited and circle a across one hand and teh arrows of chaos on the back of the other one. It was pretty funny I was a crusty dude for halloween and then a bunch of crusty dudes I know show up!

The girl I'm 'hanging out' with showed up a liza menelli...hideous pantsuit and horrifying garish makeup! We were both disgusted with each other's costumes, when we went back to her place we agreed to get our makeup and costumes off ASAP...there's no way we could kiss each other lookign the way we did.

I wanted to be "pumpkin headed" guy for halloween, using one of those plastic pumpkin candy buckets with the bottom cut out as a mask...and no place has them! I'm still gonna try and find one by tuesday...I can't horrify my date with the gutter punk again>

Costume highlights:
- Peter and Ashley as seventies style Cat Burglars, all black, domino masks, black stocking caps, cap pistols...they looked liek something out of scooby doo.
- Goat with an amazing robot costume
- Blinky as Meatloaf...he kept singing meatloaf all night...it was great!
- The best costume was Squamish as CRAZY JOE!!!! He has a DRI hat, chuck norris shirt, videcamera on a lanyard around his neck, a cooler in one hand and crazy joe's czech beer in the other...he kept laughing like crazy joe and going "slurpee" "life is good" "crazy...like in the moviee", I nearly fell over from laughin so hard!

All in all, a fucking amazing halloween party...I can't wait for halloween proper...haunted house!!

Fri, Oct. 20th, 2006, 05:05 pm
Fools Risking Others Lives

So today I had a guy, who ben workign at this job longer than me, trying to get this new kid to attach his harness to a rope and climb out 20 feet on a slippery pipe. Completely unsafe, with 20 feet of rope slack he would break his back. He freaked out whne I explained why that wan't kosher, told me to "lick his balls", etc.
He made me do that once when I didn;t know better.
I gotta drop a dime on him to the boss before he gets someone killed.

Mon, Oct. 16th, 2006, 03:38 pm
I am a Master Ranter

Was reading this weeks issue of the westender, and it it was the "Best of Rants" issue.
As I love the rants, I turned right to it and was stoked to see that one of the Best Of Rants was by me!
I am excited to know that I am a superb complainer.

Sun, Oct. 15th, 2006, 01:59 pm
Fall is Blackout Season!!

The weekend has been 'interesting'

Went to a free show at a Sushi place on Powell Friday. Did a ton of hot knives and some beer before heading down...and got lost in that area for half an hour.

It was a good time, got too drunk and flaked out on Goatsblood practice (10-12 on a Friday night?!?!)..and ended up in the blackout zone! Well, at least it's been half a year or so since that last happened. But, yeah spend all of my petty cash on cheap draft (my stomach puckers at the word draft), bent the fuck out of the fender of my bike, fucked up my pinky finger falling off my bike, and woke up in a strange apartment. Not the most elegant way to begin a weekend.

However, I did manage to arrange new accomodations...in a week I can begin moving into my friend Sarah's apartment. It's not in east van, and it's not next to a skytrain station, but it is biking distance from all of the action, by oak and broadway...pretty bougie. I'll be saving $300 a month, my dog will have 2 new buddies (Sara and her cat...things are going to get disgustingly cute with combination of my dog and a kitty), I'll be able to hang with folks more, be more social, do more cooking with the roomate, hell listen to gangster rap with the roomate while drinking wine out o fthe bottle and doing dishes, turtle pool 'budget hottub' parties on our piece of lawn.

I'll have to find somewhere where the D&D crew can play though..there won;t be room for the nerdity with Sarah living in the living room (her offer). I've been seriously considering getting all the dudes to pitch in and renting an office or worshop space somewhere...all we need is a bathroom, room for a 4'x8' table and plenty of shelves/cabinets. Shit...I should talk to Skidge and see if there's a room in the secret location we could rent?

Saturday I spend recovering from my drunken adventures, and then went to play the 3 Inches of Blood/Illuminati/Goatsblood/Jaws show. I got there and there's a bunch of folks milling around outside "They show is sold out"...I kept running into folks I know who kept asking me if I could get them in. Fortunately it seems like everybody managed to cajole or sneak they're way in. I used my guestlist slot to get my friend Ashley in..and then she doesn't show. She's a real freebird, so I did';t suprise me. I got a friend of Darcy's that showed up later in as "Ashley"...lots of stupid bluffing with the bouncer and door girl..."Blair, your girlfriend, um... Ashley, showed up", "After we played? You're a terrible girlfriend!" etc

Jaws were okay, but they;re songs seemed too long and had too much of that "ticka/ticka" clean guitar bits that Kevin from AJR loves (he's in the band). When they first started playing I had a really bad view of the band. Both of the guitarist were cheezy shaggy haired dudes that were ant stomping and shit, I was thinking "Wow...they got 2 Kevins in this band and one of them is more of a spazz that the real Kevin"...except that the spazz was the real kevin.

The GB set was pretty mellow, we all seemd to be low energy aside from the insane self-destroying Masa. Has the ass of my favorite jeans ripped open by Paul trying to drag me into the audience, so I tore off his jackey, backpack and longsleeve and pitched them into the crowd (actually, only a couple feet to a friend of his).

Vince came up from Seattle to see the show, brought me a Sparks..which I sorely needed.

The Illuminati were okay, not really my thing and again..the songs seemed too long. Same deal with 3 Inches...they need shorter songs. Lots of folks in 3IOB shirts, and a handful of the "beautiful people" came out as well. Orange women...yikes.

There was a show with Maragret Thrasher, Chuck Norris, Fuck Me Dead & The Regulations before at Video Inn, and then the Regulations were supposed to play the brickyard sometime after 1, but Iw as too broke and haggard to make it to either show, would have really liked to have seen Chuck Norris and The Regulations.

Was supposed to play D&D today...suprise, mass bailings. Oh well, we got next weekend.

Wed, Oct. 11th, 2006, 02:28 pm
Aww Fuck

Got this message from my sister yesterday:
"XXXX passed away at the end of September with some crazy type of cancer that has a mortality rate of like 90%
Shitty news number 2 XXXX's brother (good childhood friend) has the same thing so I don't know how much time he has but if need/want to get ahold of him just let me know and I get that info for you. "

Fuck...I don;t handle death well at all...I want to pretend I never got this message. I dunno how I am going to go about handling this... oh yeah..hot knives and beer....

Mon, Oct. 9th, 2006, 10:32 am

So the first Fuck Off! show went pretty sweet. Was hard, tying to keep up, not lose my breath, not forgetting the lyrics(like they matter at all), but I think we did good. Folks seemed to dig us, good times. Hopefully we'll be playing the Nov 3rd show with Iskra...basement grindcore!
Set Foot were pretty mellow, good Descendents cover and some amusing smooth/sexy dancing. Cheeleader Camp weren't nearly as noisy as I was anticipating. Gabriella is a fun drummer to watch.
Watched a History of Violence, entertaining, seemed pretty restrained for Cronenberg, but he's probablly mellowing out. Nice ambiguous ending.
Why is that although in my personal life/relationship I strongly dislike ambiguity and thrive on closure, things being defined, etc. yet in movies, literature, etc. I dig ambiguous ending.
Kept it mellow this weekend..trying to save $$, trying to not drink too much. God do I have to move, living out here away from everybody I know, living so cheap just to pay this ridiculous rent, yikes.

Wed, Oct. 4th, 2006, 04:29 pm
Out of Shape

Played Manhunt monday night. My muscles have a 1 day lag before crapping out on me...today my legs were in agony.
Got hash off of this crazy super organized delivery operation. It's sublime, my days at work being still stoned from hot knives before bed...I'm in such a great mood.

Mon, Oct. 2nd, 2006, 03:24 pm

Dear Livejournal,

Been a while, what's up?

A) Girl trouble...ouch..I either have to start dating less flakey folks or start not giving a damn. Pretty much almost a year of girl trouble. I keep being attracted to the wrong people for me...my guess is that it's my self-destructive impulses/low self-esteem that keep guiding me to TROUBLE. Problem is, I'm over all that shit! I don't get depressed (like I used to), I don't barely ever do stupid shit anymore, I'm a happy guy, dammit!
Part of the problem is probably my amazing ability to get involved with girls a decade younger than me...but it's not like I'm trying! I just try to get down with folks that are fun and are into the same shit as I am...I don't know of that many 34 year old ladies into riding shitty bikes, drinking beer out of backpacks and going to basement shows.

B) Money trouble out the ying-yang....my $700 rent is KILLING ME. I cannot wait until I get out of this suburban prison and back into east van. I am doing all sorts of sketchy financial accrobatics to pay my rent and I owe WAAY to much money to folks

C) Goatsblood is dead. The High on Fire show is probably not happening. However, I do have my grindcore band, FUCK OFF!, to fill the void. Stoked for our first show this saturday, and then next week is the LAST Goatsblood show. Wish it was a $5 gig instead of some crappy lamplighter/sealed with a kiss porductions show...but the bottled beer will numb that. There are going to be some real bummed out suburban 3 inches of blood fans at that gig...

Spend the past weekend in my apartment, doing hot knives, drinking disgusting black label supreme, and napping while cuddling with the dog. was supposed to go to 2 parties and see KEN mode....but I was mopey and broke-ish, needed time with myself....to feel sorry for myself...boo fucking hoo

Anyways, this week my plans are:

a) Do Laundry
b) Repair my pants
c) Clean my pad
d) Pay off my payroll loan debt (UGH!!!)
e) Get an extension on the loan from work
f) Actually make it out to manhunt tonight..if it happens
g) Do a FUCK OFF! jam Tuesday and Thursday
h) Play the Margaret Thrasher show at the Alf House Saturday (stoked out first show is that basement)
i) Pay my rent a week late!
j) Actually eat fruits and vegetables instead of pb sandwiches and cereal.
k) Go for a bike ride with a flakey person that will probably stand me up...but will it bother me? Nope!
l) Not buy weed (being stoned for a week straight was plenty)
n) Buy some new used jeans?
0) Prepare for the return of D&D
p) See Pink Mountaintops on Sunday if I can afford it

Wed, Sep. 22nd, 2004, 10:18 pm
Yadda Yadda Yadda

Tonight my lame-ass band was supposed to play Seattle, but we had to cancel due to 2 guys work situations-sucks.

We were going to cancel playing with the End & the Burnside halloween gig due to Matt playing with 3 Inches, but we got someone to fill in - doesn't sucks!!

Still don't know when we can start our tour...sucks.

We recorded on the 11th, 2 real songs, 2 ambient songs, sound great, doesn't suck.

I've adapted to working on the bridge, I'm not fearless about heights but I wouldn't have belived what I'm doing on the underside of that thing. It's almost psychedelic, the crazy heights, the bridge vibrating with traffic, the traffic sounds and the hugely loud grinding/water roar of the sandblasting..it's a great noise album and I'm loving it.

D&D is getting funner and funner. Dave dropped out, that sucks.
The party has started on "wilderness adventures"..I'm so oldschool, dungeon crawls until the 3rd level, then time for the hexmaps and arbitrary random wilderness encounters....I rolled a hill giant encounter and maybe I would have thrown it at the party (with 2 members blined, 2 with low hit points due to poison/Con damage), luckily the caught a ride with the merchant riverboat encounter I rolled a couple of hourse before the giant. Oldschool D&D Wilderness adventures....It's a TPK lottery every time you hit the random encounter tables.

I've been working 10 hour days, 6 day weeks (although I got 2 days off this week, yay for lazy, nay for lost $$$..I've got dungeon terrain to buy dammit!!)

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